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TÜROB - Türkiye Otelciler Birliği Tanıtım Filmi

TÜROB - Türkiye Otelciler Birliği Tanıtım Filmi


Enchanting Gaziantep.... / Gazitantep'i keşfedin...

From its vibrant culture and rich history to its mouthwatering cuisine and friendly people, explore the hidden gem that’s Gaziantep in this short video!


Turkey; Home of Poetry / Türk Şairlerin Dizeleri ile Türkiye... (Full version)

Art is a universal language and it’s used not only to express feelings but to reflect the artist, the culture and the history the artist belongs to. The ancient lands of Turkey have a deep rooted historical heritage that has seen the interaction of countless different cultures so it’s no wonder Turkish art is so incredibly rich. Turkey's lands themselves are like poetry, taking a permanent space in your memories with its beauty and charm. Listen to Turkey's tradition of poetry as it still thrives today more than ever! These verses are adaptations from the works of Turkey's most famous poets.