Müberra ERESİN


Müberra Eresin, born in Nevşehir, completed her primary school at Bakırköy Hamdi Akverdi Primary School and completed her secondary and high school education at Ataköy High School, and then started her career while studying at Marmara University Economic and Administrative Sciences and worked in Accounting, Front Office and Reservation departments at Eresin Hotels Taxim & Premier respectively. She graduated from Marmara University as an Economist and went to England in 1989 to continue her education on foreign language and hotel management. She started working while studying at Bath College - BTECH International in Hotel & Catering Management. She took different roles in Housekeeping, Reservation, Front Office and Food & Beverage departments at The Paragon Restaurant, Bath SPA Hotel and then The Royal Cresent Hotel. She graduated from Bath College with honors and returned to Istanbul in 1993.

Has American Hotel & Motel Association Diploma in Sales & Marketing Management, the American Hotel & Motel Association Diploma in Food & Beverage Management, the American Hotel & Motel Association Diploma in Front Office Management Diplomas, Müberra Eresin had worked as Eresin Hotels Taxim & Premier Reservation Manager, Eresin Hotels Taxim & Premier, Eresin Hotels Topkapı and Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet - Sales Manager on her return to Turkey.

She worked as the General Manager of Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet, which was opened in 2001, and worked as the Sales Director of Eresin Hotels between 2004-2008.

From 2008 to today She is the Vice President of Eresin Tourism A.Ş., Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency Executive Committee Member and The President of Hotel Association of Turkey (TUROB).

* Awarded by Dünya Newspaper and CNBC as the most successful business woman of the year in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management for the innovations and working principle it has brought to the sector in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management (2002)

* Skalite award for Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet in the Best Hotel category by Istanbul Skal (2003).

* Turkey & Azerbaijan Under Fellowship Awards, best female manager of the year award (2018)

* Turkey & Azerbaijan Press Fellowship Awards within the context of the year award for the best hotels Hotels Topkapi (2019).

* TTYD Tourism's Making a Difference Awards, Tourism Leaders Award (2019)

* Women's Hand in Economy; At the Women Entrepreneurs Support Summit; Tourism Success Award. (2019)